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Here are some of the various characters I've played on MUCKs over the past few years.

The Dragons
Species: Tyrrhyan Gender: female
Age: 3,139 years Worlds: FurryMUCK
Description: Also known as 'The Welcome Dragon', Boing has been on FurryMUCK since June, 1992, and is best known for helping new characters set themselves up and find homes. She also provides most of the virtual food services for the MUCK, and maintains the global teleport system and several residential areas and 'adventure' games that were created by Greywolf. One of the original architects of both Acme Acres and Drachenswald, BoingDragon's home is a grotto in Drachenswald, right next to the Jumproom.

Characterwise, Boing is a combination of Kainudy and Khryss, although considerably more outgoing than either. Like all of my FurryMUCK characters, Boing does not roleplay and is always 'on duty' when it comes to helping people. Boing's patience is legendary (and often surprises her player) and she falls easily into the roles of teacher or mother-confessor. Like Kainudy, she's a natural problem-solver and will happily tinker with programs or MPI to produce some unsuspected effect. Because of this stone-soup approach to creating things, her global teleport system is almost impossible to transport to other MUCKs.

Kainudy Schantryssrhyn
Species: Tyrrhyan Gender: female
Age: 3,139 years Worlds: Genesis (defunct), Flirting With Disaster
Description: Kainudy is the foundation character upon which BoingDragon was built. Unlike Boing, however, Kainudy is a purely role-playing persona. Her first RP appearance was in 1994 on Genesis, which was also my first experience with role-playing a character in virtual reality. Kainudy is the most well-travelled and knowledgeable of all the Tyrrhyan characters, having picked up information from her experience on dozens of worlds and realities. She's also the only one likely to get into a physical brawl. Kainudy was under almost constant stress on Genesis, having arrived in the middle of a war that eventually left her marked physically, mentally, and magically as the local Oracle. Stresses from her past as the leader of an army of magic-using dragons trying to stop Vorgulremik and his kin combined with these new ones to cause the occasional breakdown. A skilled genetic engineer, she is responsible for the co-creation of the Stelya-rhyan as well as of Lothrhyn. Kainudy tends to think big when she plans anything, and is not used to failure. Her personality can be quite offputting at times, and she is not above manipulating others or criticizing people for perceived character flaws. Duty and a sense of noblesse-oblige are prime dictators of Kainudy's actions, and she willingly suffers the personal consequences of them.

She's mellowed out only slightly after arriving on Tharhome for an involuntary vacation.

Khryss Schantryssgryan
Species: Tyrrhyan Gender: male
Age: 3,139 years Worlds: FurryMUCK, FurToonia
Description: Khryss is my 'personal' character, which is to say that he's really just myself projected into VR. He's generally quiet and reserved in public, and only a little more outgoing amongst friends. He'll be more likely to voice an opinion on something than BoingDragon (who never takes sides) or Kainudy (who always assumes she's right). Khryss is also very easygoing and friendly. You'll never see him show any signs of loneliness or depression, though, since he considers letting such internal emotions show to be a form of whining. I he sighs, it will be out of exasperation.

Khryss manages and maintains the Floating Island in the skies over Drachenswald on FurryMUCK, and keeps a small grotto on FurToonia. He can usually be found lurking quietly in public places and just watching people. He tends to take his time on things, but almost always achieves his goals. He can be charming or witty if he really tries.

Species: Molryekarin Gender: male
Age: 3,000,000+ years Worlds: Genesis (defunct), Sinai
Description: Vorgulremik is the poster boy for the Dark Side of the Force. Petty, cruel, power-hungry and paranoid, he represents the classical evil dragon of legend. He thrives on death and chaos, and has a tendency to exploit any moral flaws in those he encounters. Historically, he had been killed by Kainudy and her army of mages, and had his spirit imprisoned within an iron sword. He escaped this prison during the Wyvern War on Genesis, and hid out in the Dream Plane of that world. From there, he caused what mischief he could by playing on the weaknesses of some of the inhabitants. When he saw a chance to make a break for it, however, he took on a physical form and fled to Sinai, where he continues to plot havoc. Like most evil creatures, he believes everyone else is just as selfish and petty as himself. He's vanished somewhere into the wilds of Sinai, and hasn't been heard from for several years.
The Starships
Species: Stelya-rhyan Gender: male
Age: 10 years Worlds: Genesis (defunct), Flirting With Disaster
Description: Charon is of a Tyrrhyan sub-species modified for life in interstellar space. He is vaguely whale-shaped and blue-skinned with a length of about 200 meters. He communicates and interacts mainly through the use of his remotes, which are small artificial lifeforms he can control from a distance. Charon is always willing to help, and is curious about many things, however his perceptions are fairly alien. His mother is Persephone, and Kainudy is one of his ancestors.
Species: Stelya-rhyan Gender: female
Age: 1,142 years Worlds: Genesis (defunct), Flirting With Disaster
Description: Daughter of Nicor and Kraken, Persephone is also the mother of Charon. An adult 3200 meters long, Persephone spent several months grounded on Genesis while recovering from a battle against the Lich Lord Ragath. Like all of the Stelya-rhyan, most of her interaction is through her remote; a dragoness made of living crystal.

Persephone is currently working on an artificial wormhole near the relocated Tharhome system.

Species: Stelya-rhyan Gender: female
Age: 2,004 years Worlds: Genesis (defunct), Flirting With Disaster
Description: The second Stelya-rhyan to be created, Kraken is an exercise in extremes. Designed to transplant entire biospheres, she is the largest of the race at a length of 10 kilometers and massing close to 500 billion tons. Her central body core supports a miniature biosphere a mile wide and several long. Because of the added complexity and size, Kraken has a decentralized brain and nervous system which never achieved sentience. She is currently serving support duty on the wormhole project.
Lothrhyn and her Remotes
Species: T'spyra-rhyan Gender: female
Age: 3 years Worlds: Genesis (defunct)
Description: Lothrhyn is rooted in Lothlorien Forest on Genesis. The product of Tyrrhyan biology and Le'enle magic, this living building has taken over many of the planetary maintenance functions for that world. Extremely precocious, she interacts with most people via her remotes: biological robots operated by telepresence. The only sentient T'spyra-rhyan, Lothrhyn dreams of one day becoming an entire world. For now, she explores the universe second-hand via Chimera, and waits patiently for Envoy to resume contact.
Species: Lothrhyn Remote/Autonomous Probe Gender: female
Age: 9 years Worlds: Genesis (defunct), Sinai
Description: Envoy is a former Remote Unit of Lothrhyn of Genesis. Upon arrival, however, Sinai's odd probability field made it impossible for the remote to transmit information back to Lothrhyn. In order to preserve Envoy, Lothrhyn transmitted the information needed to transform her into an autonomous lifeform with its own will. Also transmitted (and stored in Envoy's ansible) was the collective knowledgebase of the stelya-rhyan, covering thousands of worlds. Envoy is essentially an organic android. Her thoughts are very literal, and she has yet to develop any kind of imagination or emotional awareness. She is basically a child in an adult body, trying to learn everything she can about the world and people around her, and has a childlike naivete and innocence. The only apparent legacies of her artificial origins are a photographic memory and the ability to heal and regenerate quickly. Pleasure and pain do not seem to affect her very much, and she has no inherent 'survival instinct', so may blithely enter dangerous situations without a second thought. For most of the people that deal with her, Envoy can prove to be very exasperating. She has matured a bit over the past several years and studied Earth Magic at the College Esoterica. She is well known for several successful expeditions, as well as her involvement with various Babelite deities.
Species: Lothrhyn Autonomous Probe Gender: male
Age: 4 years Worlds: Genesis (defunct), Flirting With Disaster
Description: Chimera was Lothrhyn's first attempt at an autonomous probe, and is also her most realistic creation, based on the DNA of actual people. His primary drive is a curiousity about personal and cultural relationships. While not the most emotional of the remotes, Chimera is the most comfortable with them.

Currently, Chimera is exploring with Charon, and spending most of time with the Chirr'T'thar around the world Nexus.

The Furries
Aaron Lightfoot
Species: Lapi (humanoid rabbit) Gender: male
Age: 30 years Worlds: Sinai
Description: Recently inheriting his missing Uncle's Apothecary and Magical Supplies store in Rephidim, Aaron is acclimating to life in the city; although he still prefers the open wilderness where he spent much of his time hunting down rare herbs for his Uncle. Along with the Shoppe, Aaron has also inherited his Uncle's obsession with conspiracies and intrigue, as well as a library of odd and questionable books. He has a certain weakness for pretty females of the Eeee, Skeek, Skreek or most other non-imposing persuasion. The rabbit also manages the small Jobs Board in his shop for his Mage patrons. Aaron has spent the past few years building up his trade, and has risen up in the status of his Guild, especially since picking up several profitable contracts with Caroban. Now a homeowner, he is more comfortable devoting some time to purely social activities, such as mentoring fellow Lapis and maybe even finding a wife.

He is not looking forward to turning 30 years old, and the newly independant Anisa is starting to look very good to him.

He doesn't always get along with his family though, and it doesn't help that his mother is a giant, barbarian warlord.

Devin Arkist
Species: Afican Hunting Dog Gender: male
Age: 50-something Worlds: Archaeology 101
Description: Arkist is a fun person. An archaeology professor at Springfield Interstellar University, this one-eyed ex-Zepplin Rodeo star is either a genius or a drunkard (or a genius when drunk, maybe). With his somewhat reluctant group of students, he's been exploring ancient alien ruins while staying one step ahead (and sometimes behind) space pirates, megalomaniacal corporations, government agents, ex-girlfriends and the occasional killer ghost.

He stumbles through things with the help of his students: His TA, Shelby, the coyote-girl computer hacker; Vincent the zebra engineer (who bears an unfortunate resemblance to any number of celebrities); Arian, an eagle psychology and mathematics major who tends to get shot too often; and Freddy - a ferret nuclear engineer that likes to see things explode.

Higher education, high explosives, high adventure - and lots of beer. What could go wrong?

The Humans
Agatha Cunningham
Species: Human Gender: female
Age: 13 years Worlds: Mirari
Description: The only daughter of a widowed mechanic, Agatha has a bit more responsibility and freedom than most teenagers growing up in the 50s. She also dreams of being a knight in shining armor, and spends as much time as she can at the nearby horse ranch.

Something of a tomboy and outsider due to her height (she towers over her peers, and can pass for an adult) it's not much of a surprise that she turns to fantasy and make-believe, and runs into like-minded friends.

But what does a girl do when the fantasy world turns out to be real, and very dangerous?

Walt Zwicker
Species: Human Gender: male
Age: 42 Worlds: Trust Me
Description: Coming soon - game still in progress!

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