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Highlight for Album: Bennet the Genet
Album: Bennet the Genet

One of the stars of Classroom Safari's troupe. A fox-cat-dog-weasel that barks, meows, purrs and chirps.
Last change: 03/31/06
Contains: 28 items
Viewed: 15533 times.

Highlight for Album: Fennecs
Album: Fennecs

Spock and Yoda, hyper fennecs from Classroom Safari.
Last change: 04/09/07
Contains: 51 items
Viewed: 28180 times.

Highlight for Album: Hedgehogs
Album: Hedgehogs

Pygmy hedgehogs from Classroom Safari.
Last change: 08/19/07
Contains: 5 items
Viewed: 10452 times.

Highlight for Album: Primates
Album: Primates

Hey, hey, they're the monkeys... (Sorry, couldn't resist!)
Last change: 11/13/08
Contains: 9 items
Viewed: 9734 times.

Highlight for Album: Peregrine Falcon
Album: Peregrine Falcon

Who's a pretty killing machine?
Last change: 05/18/05
Contains: 15 items
Viewed: 10868 times.

Highlight for Album: Possum
Album: Possum

The non-roadkill version.
Last change: 11/12/08
Contains: 7 items
Viewed: 9922 times.

Highlight for Album: Reptiles and Lizards
Album: Reptiles and Lizards

Various scalies.
Last change: 11/27/11
Contains: 44 items
Viewed: 37494 times.

Highlight for Album: Savannah Cat
Album: Savannah Cat

Kilaelae the Savannah Cat (half Serval Cat, half Bengal Cat) from Classroom Safari.
Last change: 05/11/11
Contains: 13 items
Viewed: 17108 times.

Highlight for Album: Serval Cat
Album: Serval Cat

An African Serval Cat. Check out those legs!
Last change: 07/17/07
Contains: 21 items
Viewed: 25401 times.

Highlight for Album: Tiger Cub
Album: Tiger Cub

An adorable little white tiger cub. With a chew log.
Last change: 02/10/06
Contains: 25 items
Viewed: 14830 times.

Highlight for Album: Wolves
Album: Wolves

Hoka the wolf-hybrid from Classroom Safari, and the Timberwolves.
Last change: 07/09/08
Contains: 26 items
Viewed: 16934 times.

Highlight for Album: Miscellaneous
Album: Miscellaneous

One shots and assorted animals.
Last change: 01/30/04
Contains: 9 items
Viewed: 12158 times.

Highlight for Album: Bronco Billy
Album: Bronco Billy

Classroom Safari's dwarf miniature horse.
Last change: 02/10/06
Contains: 5 items
Viewed: 11384 times.

Highlight for Album: Kestrel
Album: Kestrel

Kestrel from the Coyote Point Museum (FC2004)
Last change: 01/30/04
Contains: 5 items
Viewed: 8736 times.

Highlight for Album: Great Horned Owl
Album: Great Horned Owl

This owl has a permanently injured wing, so couldn't be released back into the wild. From the Coyote Point Museum (FC2004)
Last change: 03/14/18
Contains: 5 items
Viewed: 53189 times.

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