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Headline: Methodist Monks report Starship Yamato Sighting in Transylvania "They Came From Neptune!". – Photographic Evidence Offers Proof.

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Highlight for Album: Raccoons
Album: Raccoons

We get a lot of raccoons visiting us every night.
Last change: 12/06/11
Contains: 86 items
Viewed: 25715 times.

Highlight for Album: Deer
Album: Deer

Deer are pretty common where I live, and occasionally come around to destroy the back yard.
Last change: 05/28/10
Contains: 21 items
Viewed: 15195 times.

Highlight for Album: Skunks
Album: Skunks

We get skunks visiting as well, sometimes with the raccoons.
Last change: 05/26/10
Contains: 5 items
Viewed: 9901 times.

Highlight for Album: Llamas and Emus
Album: Llamas and Emus

Someone keeps these guys as pets near the beach.
Last change: 03/11/04
Contains: 9 items
Viewed: 9645 times.

Highlight for Album: Video Clips
Album: Video Clips

RealVideo clips for streaming and downloading.
Last change: 12/30/14
Contains: 15 items
Viewed: 131334 times.

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